Diamond Art Deco Engagement Rings

Throughout history, artisans found a way to use jewelry as a means to convey sentiments of love and to communicate deep affection. Engagement rings with diamond setting became emblems of romance ushering to the sound of wedding bells. The use of diamonds in fine jewelry dates back to its discovery in India. Through commerce and trade, these brilliant stones found their way to Western Europe where artisan jewelers incorporated diamond setting style in royal jewels. For centuries, diamonds were too rare, making these stones for the exclusive use of royalty and aristocrats. The discovery of diamonds in South Africa, however, changed the course of the availability and accessibility of these divine minerals that by the Art Deco period, the burgeoning elite had access to diamond jewelry.

By the Art Deco era we witness a shift in style wherein design elements became free of the previous period. Art deco jewelry, unlike its predecessors, are characterized by bold and sharp lines. Setting styles were finally liberated from past design elements. Instead, jewelry were inspired by bright colors and edginess,  which mimicked the geometry in modern edifices and flamboyant lifestyle of the time.  Our Art Deco Engagement Ring collection are carved from the artistic annals of this period. Relive the artistry of another era with each of our art deco style ring making every engagement ring styles from this collection, your gateway to the Art Deco period. An art deco ring from this collection is a product of precision and expertise, handcrafted by our artisans. Women with a penchant for the jazz age will surely be enamored by any of our art deco diamond ring pieces.

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