Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

Jewelry adornment  has long been part of human culture for as long as civilizations have existed. We embellish ourselves and identify with the jewelry we own. In a way, fine jewelry or any form for that matter,  serves as a reminder of our values, dreams, passion and romance. The ideals of intimacy and commitment agreed upon and shared between a couple have become today attributed to a piece of jewelry: a diamond engagement ring to be exact.

There are many types of setting styles out there for every bride-to-be. Each type of diamond setting appeals to a certain taste. We value the uniqueness of every woman, as such we offer a wide range of choices for her including halo engagement rings. Halo is a classic diamond setting, which can be traced back to the Art Deco period. During this era, a halo style ring became a prominent design element in fine jewelry which was reflective of the opulent lifestyle of the time. A halo style ring, particularly a diamond halo ring, is characterized by gemstone placed on the center, which is then surrounded by smaller accent stones. Among the halo engagement ring pieces in our collection, our most popular are the rounded halo designs featuring a natural diamond set on the center; elegantly framed by smaller white diamonds. Halo style engagement ring are one of the most sought after pieces to date  because of its vintage appeal. Women who are drawn to jewelry with a vintage setting that mirror elements of the past will find our halo diamond ring as an alternative to real antique jewelry.

Diamond Halo Engagement Rings

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